About Us

Ratzon is a program, which enables women & girls to develop their talents in a frum environment!


To provide the community with a frum, fun, and affordable venue in which women & girls can express themselves and have a great time doing it. Ratzon is known for bringing out hidden talents from girls who may have thought they didn't have any. For those who already utilize their talents, Ratzon's custom-tailored programs can train you all the way to the professional level. The all-female staff comes from the community, and serves as role models for the girls; Ratzon is endorsed by top educators


Ratzon was created by world-renowned Malky Giniger, singer, actor and songwriter who has produced many CDs and performances across the country. Malky Giniger's signature arts programs have turned girls who thought they couldn't sing, dance, act or perform, into beautiful concert soloists and polished actors.

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1149 East 17th St Brooklyn, NY 11230
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